Why Branell?

Companies deploying telecomms, banking or IT equipment in the Africa face unique challenges to maintain the service lifetime of equipment in the field. While electronic equipment is generally designed for operation in controlled environments (such as those found in Europe and the US), the high variations in the African power environment are major causes of equipment failure and maintenance call-outs. However, many of the frequent causes of equipment failure in Africa can be managed, including:

• voltage dips (under-voltages)

• voltage surges (over-voltages)

• impulse transients such as lightning or switching surges

• voltage interruptions

• power failures


Branell power quality: made for reliability

By focusing on quality throughout the design and manufacturing process, Branell's power and network products improve the reliability of our clients equipment (and service) in the field. Branell's approach is hinged on 3 core competences:

Innovative development: Branell's products are designed to minimise the sources of equipment damage and failure in Africa, actively targetting voltage dips, surges, lightning and switching surges and interruptions.

Advanced production: To ensure complete control over product quality, Branell designs and manufactures its products completely in-house using state-of-the-art surface mount technology, adhering to strict quality standards, conducting rigorous tests, and ensuring complete traceability of each product.

Proven reliability: Branell's reliability has been extensively proven in the field over the past 11 years, with our products being used to guarantee the reliability and service of some of Africa’s largest banking and telecomms companies.


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