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Banking ePos terminals are vulnerable to electricity supply problems in developing countries, causing damage to ePos equipment and transaction service interruptions. Branell's ePOS power supply units minimise the effects of poor power quality, resulting in reduced equipment replacement costs, lowered maintenance expenses, and longer equipment lifetimes for banking service providers.

B6000 series: Lightning protected, dip-proof power supply

B6000 power supplies minimise damage from voltage surges and over-voltages and protect ePos terminals from lightning surges on both the mains and telephone line connections. Power conditioning stabilises power to the ePOS terminal and allows equipment to continue operating normally during dips and fluctuations of the incoming mains supply. Designed specifically for an extended input mains voltage range.

B6200 series: ePos power unit with integrated Ethernet connectivity

B6200 series adds ethernet connectivity to the B6000 series lightning protected, dip proof power supply. This allows ePOS connectivity through an ethernet network, such as a multi-lane retail store.

B6300 series: ePOS power unit with integrated GSM/ GPRS communicator

B6300 series adds GSM/ GPRS connectivity to the B6000 series lightning protected, dip proof power supply. This allows immediate ePOS connectivity anywhere a GSM or GPRS network is available.

The B4200 series is a comprehensive solution to the problems and effects of poor power quality on ePOS terminals in the field. With a built-in battery, the B4200 series provides continuous power to ePOS terminals come blackout, mains voltage fluctuations or even lightning! It incorporates lightning protection on the mains and telephone (data) connections, while power conditioning allows the terminal to operate normally even with fluctuating input mains voltages.<More>

For specific applications, Branell also designs customised solutions such as this mains or vehicle- powered portable system with 12 hour+ battery life, GPRS communication and barcode scanner. The complete system is housed in a rugged waterproof casing suitable for operation in the harshest African environments.


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