Electronic design and development

All Branell electronic equipment is purpose-designed at our development and manufacturing facilities in Johannesburg, South Africa. For our clients, this means they get the benefit of a dedicated team focused on finding unique solutions for their needs and requirements. An in-house design team provides another benefit - continuous improvement - ensuring Branell products continually reflect the evolving customer requirements, latest technology, highest performance and lowest costs within spec.


Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design and Design for Manufacture (DFM)

Electronic circuit design schematics and PCB layout is performed using Mentor Graphics PADS CAD software with a DFM starting with the first prototype. Parts libraries are continually updated aiming for zero re-work of production products to meet production standards and to ensure extremely reliable product operation. IPC- "Association connecting electronics industries" standards are regularly utilised (e.g. IPC-J-STD 001D).
PCB design
Requirements of production testing are detailed and product-specific test jigs are designed and manufactured to ensure each product produced meets the required specifications. Pre-production units are manufactured utilising standard production manufacturing processes to ensure any potential production issues are highlighted before volume manufacturing begins.


Branell's design approach

• Paying fanatical attention to quality management in the design phase to minimise product failure in production, testing and use.

• Identifying mandatory standards and performance standards early in the design stage so that compliance is designed in.

• Consistently specifying high quality and high reliability components.

• Designing for zero re-work in production (design for manufacture).


Design specification

Before product development begins, a product technical specification is compiled for each design to detail operational requirements of the product and compliance to mandatory standards and technical performance standards. This ensures that the final product meets the customer's expectations and conforms to legal requirements.


Quality management

Branell operates a Quality Management System to ISO 9001: 2008 which controls all processes in the company including product design and development.


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