Manufacturing & Assembly Services

Branell's products are manufactured in-house on our Johannesburg premises following an ISO9001:2008 quality management system to maintain strict quality standards.


In-house manufacturing capabilities

• Component preparation (THT lead cropping etc)

• SMT (surface mount technology) population of PCB

• THT (through hole technology) population of PCB and reflow soldering

• Tin (lead-free) and lead wave soldering

• Tin (lead-free) and lead hand-solder and mechanical assembly

• Post-assembly inspection and testing

• Pad printing onto enclosures

• Packaging including shrink wrapping


Electronic manufacturing standards

• IPC- "Association connecting electronics industries" standards are regularly utilised for electronic assembly. Examples of IPC standards:

• J-STD-001E: Requirements for soldered electrical and electronic assemblies

• A-610E: Acceptability of electronic assemblies

Branell operators have been trained and examined to IPC requirements.


Branell’s manufacturing approach

• Quality manufacture is the result of consistent processes- quality cannot be ‘inspected in’ afterwards.

• We continually monitor and measure manufacturing processes to achieve continual improvement.

• Each product is rigorously tested, with full traceability of the manufacturing and testing process for each product leaving the facility.

• Manufacturing standards are enforced at every point of the process.

• Any re-work is too much re-work!


Bill of Materials (BOM) and custom part specifications

A complete detailed BOM is essential to ensure product quality. Each component in the BOM is specified by full part number and manufacturer to reduce the possibility of products not meeting specification and custom components are assigned a unique part number.


Procurement and Incoming inspection

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system determines what components and quantities need to be ordered. Only franchised electronic component distributors are utilised to minimise the possibility of using sub-grade or counterfeit components. Before delivered components are transferred to raw material inventory, incoming inspections are performed on these components.


Product tracebility and testing

Every product manufactured is barcoded with a unique serial number for traceability. Depending on the type of product, custom test jigs are developed to test each unit. For example power supplies are tested in a computerised burn-in test facility. Power supplies are loaded into the test racks and connected to electronic loads. Analogue interface cards allow the test computer to measure each power supply’s output voltage and current throughout the test and records are kept for each unit produced.

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