Services Overview

Branell operates throughout the product development lifecycle, from electronic design through testing, standards approvals, production, and after-sales service, support and warranties. Through continuous improvement, we partner with our client companies on an ongoing basis to ensure products reflect the latest technologies and evolve with the customer's changing requirements thereby ensuring our clients' long-term competitiveness.



1. Electronic design and development
In-house electronic design and development of specialized power supply and protection equipment, focused on providing solutions for African conditions. More>

2. Testing and Approvals

Efficient management of testing and approvals. Mandatory regulatory standards and performance standards are identified early in the specification stage, resulting in a streamlined testing and approvals process. More>

3. Manufacturing and Assembly

In-house manufacturing of THT (Through-hole technology) and SMT (surface mount technology) products with state of the art pick-and place lines, lead and lead-free wave solder machines. Processes are continually controlled throughout the manufacturing process to ensure quality. More>

4. Packaging and Logistics

As Branell products are often bundled with our customer's products, we offer additional pad-printing of our customer's products (e.g. operator logo), kitting and packaging, product shrink wrapping for retail and logistics services (palletising and delivery to the end-customer). More>

5. Support and Servicing

Our commitment to development and manufacturing quality means that we can offer a wide range of support and servicing options for our clients. More>

6. Extended Warranties

Extended warranties - 5 years and longer are available. More>


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