Extended Warranty Services

It’s not just coincidental that some electronic equipment lasts longer than others. Different components used in the products have differing design lifetimes which affects the lifetime of the overall product. The reliability and expected operating lifetime of electronic products shows large variations depending on the application:


Consumer equipment

Some consumer products will be obsolete within a few years, may only be used occasionally and operate only for a short period (e.g. charger for a digital camera) and so the continuous operating lifetime can be short. Generally with this type of equipment it is a ‘nuisance’ if the equipment fails (low cost of failure e.g. cost of not being able to take a snapshot) and it is the consumer’s responsibility to return the equipment for repair and collect it afterwards.


Business (commercial) and Industrial equipment

Commercial and industrial equipment often operates for long periods or even continuously and expected operation lifetime is years. With this type of equipment the cost of failure can be quantified (e.g. cost of idle time and over-time if a machine fails). Often this equipment is covered by a maintenance contract and the repair cost includes the cost of a technician to go to site and repair the equipment.


Extended warranties

Branell products are designed and manufactured according to the the operating lifetimes required for commercial and industrial operation. For customer assurance Branell can provide extended warranties to match this lifetime.

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